The GSF is partnering with the UNDP Suriname to support the implementation of the R-PP transition project from 30 August 2013 to 31 March 2014. The implementing partner is the National Institute for Environment and Development Suriname (NIMOS).

On 11 June 2013, the previous project “Support for REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal” was closed. This was a successful project. All the objectives were achieved. The approval of the Suriname R-PP by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) of the World Bank resulted in Suriname being eligible to receive USD3.8 million in carbon financing to implement the R-PP from 1 April 2014. The UNDP Suriname is the implementing agency for the Suriname REDD+ project.

The Government of Suriname in support of the Guiana Shield Facility (GSF) appointed the Climate Compatible Development Agency (CCDA) as its focal point. CCDA is tasked with developing the strategy that will eventually see the movement of Suriname economy away from reliance on the extractive sectors and more on its renewable resources. In order to benefit from these resources the Government of Suriname is taking steps to get access to eligible funds by developing a REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) within the ambit of the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF).

Given its mandate, CCDA is leading the development of the R-PP. The Suriname project “Support for REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal” was recommended by the Regional Advisory Board of the GSF and approved by UNDP on 11 June 2012. The project cost is USD345,950 of which the GSF’s contribution is USD295,950. The duration of the project is 12 months, and there are four outputs, as follows:

      • Output 1 - Institutional and technical capacity of CCDA improved for national REDD+ coordination
      • Output 2 - Awareness and understanding of REDD+ and its contribution to sustainable development increased among stakeholders
      • Output 3 - Draft R-PP with necessary technical components addressed
      • Output 4 - R-PP updated

The GSF is supporting two NGO-projects in Suriname. The projects were implemented at the community level by Tropenbos international Suriname (TBI-Suriname) and the Association of Indigenous Village Leaders (VIDS).

The VIDS project focuses on creating a culturally-sensitive toolkit for Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Suriname. The toolkit will serve as a guide for facilitators, trainers, educators are equipped to share information regarding Climate Change, REDD+, IP rights and sustainable development with traditional leaders and communities (CBO’s, grass root organisations).

The project will use Suriname REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal as a guide to feed into the national priorities of the country.

On the other hand, the Tropenbos supported project will develop a culturally appropriate manual on REDD+ for indigenous and tribal communities in Suriname, using horizontal cooperation techniques.

The project will build on the engagement process with the indigenous and tribal communities during the finalization of Suriname’s REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal and on related effort from other organizations in the same field.

The results of both NGO-projects will be presented at the Inception Workshop for the Suriname REDD+ project on 9-10 December 2014 in Paramaribo. Download project documents and reports from the left rail.

Focal Point Person

Cedric Nelom
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