Capacity building

There is now enhanced capacity within the REDD+ Secretariat in developing and quantifying many of the key elements of the monitoring programmes in relation to the implementation of Guyana's MRVS. Capacities have been built in the technical areas such as the development of a reference level for Guyana, the use of modelling for freshwater, as well as in the wider area of co-benefits for REDD+. The broad scope of work being conducted in the area of REDD+ by the GFC is required to follow IPCC and UNFCCC guidelines as the main authority for prescribing best practice in this area of work. The capacity built through this project has allowed the MRVS and related aspects to be closely aligned with these best practice standards.

According to the GFC, the outputs of this project are sustainable in the long term as they embrace the national priorities of Guyana and are in keeping with the LCDS objectives and goals. Further, the main areas of REDD+ developed by the GFC have been integrated into the core work of the Commission and therefore forms a permanent part of the work Programme of the GFC. In so doing, REDD+ has been designed to contribute to the main area of mandate of the GFC which is sustainable management of forests for forest goods and services (in both carbon and non-carbon areas).

As such, Guyana is well positioned to implement MRVS and other REDD+ Related Activities with the successful implementation and execution of the project.