Exploration of Co-benefits under the MRVS

gfc-201411-3The GFC's capacity to measure and monitor the effects of deforestation and forest degradation with considerations for both carbon and non-carbon components of the forest is sustained through capacity building and development. Specifically, the GFC focused on fresh water as an ecosystem service and how to integrate a monitoring system into the MRVS.

Subsequently, a technical report on identification of Non-Carbon Ecosystem Services for integration into Guyana's National MRVS was also compiled. The report examined the feasibility of the methodologies for establishing baselines and for monitoring of ecosystem services beyond forest carbon. It also presented recommendations for next steps on how quantification of baseline for these services could be established.

Moreover, a workshop on the environment co-benefit of forest carbon and water quality was hosted in December, 2013 to obtain stakeholders inputs and recommendations for improving the baseline and establishing a system for monitoring and reporting water quality. This formed the basis for a technical report on incorporating water quality as a co-benefit of Guyana's REDD+ Framework. The report sought to assess the requirements for establishing a water quality monitoring system in coordination with the national MRVS for REDD+ and provided a preliminary assessment of baseline water quality parameters in Guyana.