There are two donor organizations: the European Union, and the Government of the Netherlands. They work together directly with the executing agency, UNDP, which is represented by its Country Office in Guyana. The UNDP Guyana Office coordinates the project as a whole and works directly with the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC) through its head office in New York and the Regional Service Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean (RSC LAC) in Panama as well as the country offices in the Guiana Shield countries. The Regional Advisory Board oversees the governance of the project and gives advice and support to the UNDP and GSF Secretariat.

National priority projects are carried out in the participating countries as follows:

  1. Amapá State, Brazil: State Secretary for Science and Technology (SETEC)
  2. Colombia: Alexander von Humboldt Institute
  3. Guyana: Guyana Forestry Commission
  4. Suriname: Climate Compatible Development Agency