- To serve as a repository for technical and scientific information about the Guiana Shield

news-20140321-1The Guiana Shield Facility (GSF) launched its Knowledge Centre on Friday, March 21, 2014 on the ground floor of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The event was a resounding success. High-level representatives from the Office of the President, European Union, Embassies of Brazil and Suriname, Government Environmental Agencies, Civil Society, Tertiary Education Institutions and UNDP were in attendance.
The Guiana Shield Knowledge Centre (GSKC) currently has as a total of four hundred and forty three (443) books and 97 CD and DVDs which contains data, audio and video. During the launch, the GSKC received its first donation of books from Mr. Benedict Madl, Head of Bilateral Cooperation at the EU Delegation in Guyana.

news-20140321-2The centre is intended to serve as a repository for technical and scientific information about the Guiana Shield, to provide a document reference service to researchers, students and sustainable development practitioners and to house the Guiana Shield Priority Setting Platform (GSPSP) for decision support about the use of natural resources in the Guiana Shield.

Persons visiting the centre will enjoy a comfortable environment while they access books and other printed literature, CD/DVDs, Maps and photos, digital catalogue, computer workstation with the GSPSP resources, video viewing area and a reading and writing station.
Moreover, through its partners at the international, regional, national and civil society level, the GSKC will continue to grow in the number of publications.

Importantly, as part of the ceremonial launch of the Knowledge Centre, the Guiana Shield Facility also launched its Youth Initiative online Platform under the name Guiana Shield Youth Bio-conservation Network (GSYBN). Ms. Chisa Mikami, UNDP Resident Representative a.i., assisted by University of Guyana Environment student, Sanasha Perreira, launched the online platform. It is expected that this new platform will stir debates and discussions as a means of information sharing and create awareness on the importance of biodiversity conservation particularly in the Guiana Shield eco-region.

The GSF App was also launched. This App will allow visitors to the GSF website to have easy access and regular updates on their mobile android devices.

The Guiana Shield Facility through its Knowledge Centre and Youth online platform anticipates an improved level of knowledge and education on the eco-region and its importance for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.