- Collaboration on technical and other information on conservation and sustainable development top priority

news-20140226-1The Guiana Shield Facility (GSF) and Project Cobra signed an agreement on February 24, 2014 which will provide a framework for cooperation and will facilitate collaboration between the organizations.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will allow for greater knowledge sharing of experiences and perspectives on conservation and sustainable development issues of importance to the Guiana Shield eco-region, among local and indigenous populations.
The two conservation based initiatives will work together through the hosting of joint conference and/or workshops on relevant topics as well as fundraising activities to support research and other activities of mutual interest and benefit.

The GSF welcomes this collaboration to strengthening ties with Project Cobra as it looks forward to enhancing capacity to sustainably manage ecosystems of the Guiana Shield eco-region and facilitate the exchange of experiences and perspectives in the area of environment and development among populations of the eco-region.

In November 2013, the GSF and Project Cobra collaborated to bring together indigenous peoples from Colombia, Guyana and Suriname at the V Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas to exchange knowledge and experiences about the sustainable management of natural resources.