news-20131202-3This is a statement on behalf of stakeholders ranging from the scientific communities to civil society organisations, and indigenous and local communities, present as observers at IPBES-2.


Distinguished delegates,
We would like to thank the Turkish government for its generous hospitality.
We also welcome the appointment of the new executive secretary of IPBES Mme Anne Larigauderie.
We welcome the adoption of the Conceptual Framework, the spirit of which is in line with the operating principles of IPBES.
However, we express our disappointment that the stakeholder engagement strategy and the guidance for strategic partnerships have not been adopted by this current plenary session.

We commend the efforts made this week to agree on an ambitious Work Programme. In our view, its successful completion will require scientific independence, collaboration with existing initiatives, and building on the full, effective, and balanced participation of all knowledge-holders.

We reaffirm that stakeholder engagement activities and substantial partnerships arrangements are needed to harness the existing networks and initiatives.
We still stand ready to organise ourselves into an open-ended inclusive engagement forum in support of the implementation of the IPBES work programme. Such a forum would catalyze mutual understanding and learning, and would provide support to building the capacity of all relevant knowledge holders to fully contribute to the work programme.

We also stand ready to assist regional hubs in developing and enhancing knowledge sharing networks and fora.
We are concerned that the rules and procedures of the Platform do not adequately represent the diversity of knowledge holders who will provide essential contributions to the success of IPBES.

We respectfully reiterate our call for openness and flexibility among the entire IPBES community to build the trust and common understanding that will ensure the adaptability, reliability and success of the Platform.