news-20131202-3Antalya, 09. December 2013

Over 100 participants met on 7 & 8 December 2013 at the stakeholder days before IPBES-2. The meeting was convened by the IPBES Secretariat and co-facilitated by IUCN & ICSU.


Expressed appreciation to the IPBES Secretariat and to the government of Turkey for providing an opportunity for consultation prior to and during the second plenary meeting of IPBES;


Emphasized and acknowledged the commitments already made by stakeholders to engage in the Platform’s activities;

Urged IPBES-2 to adopt the proposed stakeholder engagement strategy, and the Platform to develop an implementation plan rapidly and to integrate its execution with the implementation of the work programme, including the fast-track assessments. The concrete actions recommended at the Stakeholder Days of IPBES-2 (available on the IPBES website) should serve as a starting point for the implementation plan.

Called for the establishment of a structured mechanism such as an inclusive Forum to facilitate effective partnerships and full engagement in the implementation of the work programme and interactions with all Platform bodies throughout all IPBES processes;

Recommended the implementation plan and the operations of this mechanism to be financed from the IPBES Budget to ensure that stakeholders can assist with the implementation of the work programme, given that the individual capacities of stakeholders should be considered as essential resources for IPBES and should be mobilized urgently.

Emphasized the importance of the link between the work programme and the CBD Strategic Plan and its Aïchi Targets as well as with the Sustainable development goals and the Post-2015 Development Agenda;

Welcoming the activity related to indigenous and local knowledge in the draft work programme, called for similar measures to capture knowledge and practices outside of the peer-reviewed literature;

Stressed the importance of transparent and timely consultation of stakeholders in all nomination, scoping and review processes;

Reiterated their continued commitment and readiness to contribute and support the Platform.