B-Jagdeo-at-ToraricaPARAMARIBO - The time of academics and scientists should not be wasting time in conference rooms. The environmental situation in the world is too precarious to just talk about what the problems are. It is time for action and address threatening issues.

Former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, emphasizes that there is no need to meet up and draw up reports if others have being that already. Jagdeo, who is noted for being a conservationist, opened the third International Congress on Biodiversity of the Guiana Child. According to him this congress should set an example on how research results should not only be presented, but also a effective result should be achieved.

"We must ask ourselves what is new to offer after this congress? Otherwise we are just repeating the past." At the biodiversity congress academics, scientist and non-governmental organizations from the six Guyana Child Countries discuss the impact of economic development on the environment of green development within the region. Representatives from Guyana, French Guiana, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Suriname were asked to take the lead in protecting the global environment by introducing new systems.


"We need to change how we think, or we will damage the planet irremediably", the keynote speaker warned again. Conventional economic thinking must make room for a new model where renewable natural resources get economic value. In Guyana, the former president had great successes by begin resilient towards foreign logging companies and the agreement with Norway, that will pay Guyana up to 167 million in 2015 to protect its forest. "All the work that has been done during conferences means nothing if we do not change the system. Global political policy fails." The countries of the Guyana Child can make a difference, because these countries understand the importance of nature. "Over here a tree feeds a whole village. Developed countries don't see that value."

Source:  http://www.dwtonline.com/de-ware-tijd/2013/08/07/leave-the-conference-rooms-and-be-active/