On 17 May 2013, the Climate Compatible Development Agency (CCDA) of the Government of Suriname presented the Suriname R-PP document, which was approved by the World Bank on 21 March 2013,  to 79 national stakeholders at the Cherics Special Events Facility in Paramaribo, from 12:00 to 14:30 hours.



At the time of its approval, the World Bank’s FCPF Resolution PC/14/2013/7 identified seven points to be addressed by the CCDA. Since then, the CCDA gathered feedback from indigenous and tribal leaders, as well as national stakeholders, and used that information to help prepare the formal response to the FCPF, which was submitted on 24 May 2013.

The approval of the R-PP qualifies Suriname to access USD3.8 million from the World Bank to pursue implementation of the R-PP. The UNDP Suriname, UN-REDD Programme, and the Guiana Shield Facility supported the finalization of the Suriname R-PP.