banner-22032013-1The World Bank has approved the Suriname R-PP

On 21 March 2013, the World Bank approved the Suriname R-PP. The following statement was issued by John Goedschalk, head of the Surinamese delegation just after the approval:

The approval raises an enormous sense of pride and hope in us. Pride in the knowledge that this R-PP truly is a Surinamese product. Hope because the international community finally understands the message and vision of Suriname and voiced her support through this approval.

This experience exposed some strong contradictions within parts of our society. We will need to rid these through constructive dialogue and innovative solutions, but in our “Surinamese way”.
May it be clear that this victory should only be perceived as a starting point for a process that can only enhance the future well-being of our nation. The insights and contributions of all Surinamese are indispensible; man, women, laborer, scholar, young and old, from east to west and north to south.

As our President so often says… we owe it to our children.

The preparation of the Suriname R-PP was supported by the GSF. On behalf of our partners, we congratulate the Suriname Government and peoples on this important achievement and we look forward to greater collaboration.

The GSF Secretariat