Sustainable Management of Water and Forests - November 2012

Chairman : Frédéric Huynh (IRD representative in Brazil)


Round Table participants:

Hélène Sirder – Region of French Guiana - Vice-President of the Regional Council

Carol Ostorero - Region of French Guiana - Vice-President of the Regional Council

German Gomez - ACTO - Coordinator of Science and Technology

Luis Francisco Otero - ACTO - Coordinator of Health

Patrick Chesney - United Nations Program for Development - Chief Technical Adviser of the Guiana Shield Fund

Frédérique Seyler – IRD – Director of research at UMR ESPACE-DEV

Cesar Diniz – INPE – Responsible for International Training at INPE Regional Center in the Amazon

Round Table objectives

Earth observation from space has become an essential tool for sustainable management of environmental resources in Amazonia. Forest monitoring, understanding the mechanisms of frontiers, the observation of the hydrological dynamic of the floodplains are some of the many thematic applications of these technologies and scientific methods developed to observe these complex phenomena. Today remote sensing is used operationally and has significantly changed the way of managing Amazonian territories.

To go further, EO experts in Latin America offer to meet with decision makers from the region around the round table to consider new ways of cooperation.