Introduction (5 min)doc-prv-23112012-1

Facilitator Jean-Philippe Palasi, Director for EU Policy, Conservation International (CI)

Why Green Capital matters (20 min)

Dr Russ Mittermeier, President, CI and Vice-President, International Union for Conservation of Nature
Presentation of:

  • The Guiana Shield Region: vital ecosystems are getting political attention

Scenarios for Ecosystems in the Guiana Shield (15 min)

Stefano Crema, Chief Applications Research Officer, Clark University
Presentation of preliminary results:

  • Drivers of deforestation in the Guiana Shield region
  • Modelling of Regional Scenarios for the region

The Living Guianas Report 2012 (15 min)

Dominiek Plouvier, Regional Representative, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Presentation of:

  • The Three Guianas – improving economic development while maintaining natural capital

The Guiana Shield Facility (15 min)

Dr Patrick Chesney, Chief Technical Advisor, Guiana Shield Facility (GSF)
Presentation of Cooperation for Sustainable Development in the Guiana Shield

Click the link below to download the entire brochure:

icon Natural Solutions for Development - Lessons from the Guiana Shield and way forward of ACPs and the EU (940.27 kB)