Recognizing that small communities are often the most severely affected, yet the least equipped, to deal with the impacts of climate change, the GEF council proposed that 10% of the resources under the Strategic Priority on Adaptation be channeled to community-based activities via the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP). In response, UNDP‘s SGP has designed the CBA project to achieve the goal of reducing vulnerability and increasing adaptive capacity to the adverse effects of climate change, and building the resilience of communities, ecosystems, and resource-dependant livelihoods in the focal areas in which the GEF work. The CBA represents the community-based component of the GEF Strategic Priority on Adaptation (SPA). The SPA is an ecosystem-based climate change adaptation fund, designed to support ecosystem resilience in the face of climate change, including variability. The CBA is a global project, implemented as a key component of UNDP-GEF's wider adaptation portfolio.

In addition, the CBA uses an innovative system for monitoring and evaluation, termed the Vulnerability Reduction Assessment (VRA). The VRA uses a system of question-based indicators to assess changes in community-level perception of their own capacity to adapt to changing climate, and forms an index. This evaluation focuses on the priorities of local stakeholders, and allows for monitoring and aggregating over a highly diverse range of countries, communities, and ecosystems while retaining locally specific information. This US$5M pilot project will support 80-200 community-level climate change adaptation projects in 10 countries over the next four years, leveraging community action for policy impact, while generating lessons on CBA best practices aimed at stakeholders globally. Individual projects will receive up to US$ 50,000 in GEF support plus co-financing. Countries supported include Bangladesh, Bolivia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Namibia, Niger, Samoa, and Vietnam.

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