In accordance with the programming policies and procedures outlined in the UNDP User Guide, the  project is monitored through the following:

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) are  integral elements of the project implementation, and is standard practice of the UNDP. Monitoring and systematic reporting will be undertaken for financial and physical progress through the UNDP in order for this activity to be cost effective. Utilising the management information system of the UNDP, the implementation status of the project and recommendations emanating from evaluations will be tracked. Quarterly progress and monthly financial reports will be prepared by the GSF Secretariat in collaboration with the UNDP.

GSF-ME-Plan-finalFinancial transactions and financial statements shall be subject to the internal and external auditing procedures laid down in the Financial Regulations, Rules and Directives of the UNDP.

In addition to the M&E described above, the proposed project will be monitored by visits to the pilot project areas.


icon GSF M&E Plan - Final (84 kB)