These pages about the Priority Setting Workshop, that were taken from the CD-rom that was made after the workshop, have been placed on our website for your convenience. However, the Terms of Use for the CD-rom apply for this section of our website as well.

paramaribodeclThis section presents a comprehensive set of conservation priorities for the Guiana Shield. These priorities take into account both the biological and socioeconomic conditions of the Guiana Shield and are the first to encompass the entire region. They are outcomes of the Guiana Shield Priorirty-setting Workshop, held in Paramaribo, Suriname, in April 2002. Over 100 Experts (icon Conservation Priorities for the Guayana Shield: 2002 Consensus (26.72 MB) ) on the biology and socioeconomics of the Guiana Shield gathered at this workshop for five days of intense collaboration. Related publications include a final report and a wall map, both available on this section in PDF format (see links in the right column on all pages).

Overview of Guiana Shield

The highlights of this section of the website are as follows:

This section includes background information on the biodiversity and conservation status of the Guiana Shield region. It also includes numerous photos of the workshop and of Guianan species and landscapes.

icon Conservation Priorities

The focal point of the section, this section includes maps, tables, and excerpts from the final report describing and illustrating in rich detail the priority areas for conservation in the Guiana Shield. Integrated maps and tables are available as well as maps broken down according to biological and socioeconomic theme.

Workshop Process and Data

This section includes an explanation of the priority-setting methodology, the final recommendations from the priority-setting workshop, and a list of all workshop participants. White papers generated in preparation for the workshop, databases containing all information gathered during the workshop, and several GIS shapefiles are also included here.

Related Resources

A list of sources with further information on the Guiana Shield region.

Exclusive CD-ROM content

This content is taken from the final report, with the following exception: the Workshop Process and Data section includes white papers, databases, and GIS shapefiles that were only available on CD-ROM.

All maps and tables are presented in English only

While much of this section's content is presented in English, Dutch (Nederlands), Spanish (Español), and Portuguese (Português), the maps and tables in the Conservation Priorities section are only presented in English. This is because English is the language in which the Guiana Shield Priority-setting Workshop was conducted and the language used for all data submitted by workshop participants.


The geologic shield is referred to in this section as the Guayana Shield, while the region defined for biodiversity conservation is referred to as the Guianan region. Aside from that, the term Guiana is used throughout the section except when referring to regions in non-English-speaking countries, in which case the term from the respective country's language is used (e.g., Venezuelan Guayana, Colombian Guayana, Brazilian Guiana). When used as an adjective, Guianan refers to the larger biogeographical delimitation as defined by the workshop. Note also that the term Guianas refers to the three countries of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.