Regional Advisory Board (RAB)

The Regional Advisory Board (RAB) is a non-voting body that provides strategic directions on the operations of the GSF. In addition the Forum reviews the progress being achieved, as well as identifying priorities and strategic directions for regional activities. The members of the RAB consist of representatives from each National Multi-Sector Steering Committee (NMSSC), UNDP and the community of donors and investors in total not exceeding 12 members (indicative).


The first meeting of the RAB was held on August 17, 2011 in Belem, Brazil. (Click on photo for gallery of the meeting)

Signing of GSF Resolutions for the conse...
Signing of GSF Resolutions for the conse...
Signing of GSF Resolutions for the conse...
Signing of GSF Resolutions for the conse...

The second Regional Advisory Board (RAB) was held from 13-14 June, 2013 in Bogota, Colombia. Click here to view photos.

RAB Meeting III
RAB Meeting III
RAB Meeting III
RAB Meeting III

The third Regional Advisory Board (RAB) was held from 25-26 September, 2014 in Brasilia, Brazil. Click here to view photos.

Name of RAB Member Country Affiliation Date of Appointment
Antonio de Carvalho Brazil (Amapá) SETEC 6 February 2012
Rodrigo Suàrez Colombia Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development 25th September, 2014
Denis Girou French Guiana DEAL 21 February 2013
Pradeepa Bholanauth Guyana GFC 2 February 2012
Gwendolyn Smith Suriname Ministry of Foreign Affairs 27th February, 2014
Peter De Koening The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1st March, 2014
Matilde Mordt Panama RBLAC, UNDP 25th September, 2014
Khadija Musa Guyana UNDP 12th June, 2014
Chisa Mikami Guyana UNDP 17 August 2011
Dominiek Plouvier Suriname WWF Guianas 25th September, 2014


National Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee (NMSSC)

In every country that makes up the Guiana Shield eco-region a National Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee (NMSSC) or an equivalent body is to be set up in consultation with the respective Governments. The Forum is a non-voting body and work by consensus all within the limits and scope referred to in the present GSF Description of the Action.

The main responsibilities of the NMSSC among others are to prepare input for the RAB on strategic directions related to operations of the GSF and to the process of embedding the GSF in the region. In addition, the NMSSC serve as a platform for exchange of experiences and lessons learnt, good practice.

Each NMSSC should consist of representatives from Government, civil society, UNDP and the donor community.