Iwokrama Research and Science Programme This RFP seeks to solicit proposals from private and public companies / institutions / Universities and other organizations engaged in tropical rainforest conservation under changing climate and land use wishing to partner with the Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development to further enhance activities that provide earned revenues for the Centre.

A priority is to fully develop Iwokrama’s science and research activities into a vibrant, innovative and internationally leading research programme which will at the same time provide revenues for the Centre. Such a partnership would entail investments in infrastructure, equipment and materials, marketing and other related areas.

To this end, the Centre now invites interested companies / corporations / donors / universities / learning institutions and other institutions who have access to the requisite equipment, human, financial and other resources to submit proposals for the development of Iwokrama’s research and science programme.

The proposal should address critical aspects from a wide range of scientific research objectives, including but not limited to sustainable forest management, climate change, hydrology/geochemistry interactions, biodiversity, bio-prospecting and ecosystems services and community impacts. There is also room for knowledge transfer in the form of training and capacity building in these areas. Proposals should also indicate the type of engagement envisaged including but not limited to partnerships, concession arrangements and joint ventures.

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