Priority Setting Workshop

In this folder you can find all documents related to the Priority Setting Workshop held in Paramaribo, Suriname in 2002. The report holds a great source of information and the map shows perfectly what the conservation priorities for the Guiana Shield are.

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Main products

Main products ( 8 Files )

Find the full report of the Priority Setting Workshop and the Wall Maps in this folder.
Conservation Priorities

Conservation Priorities ( 90 Files )

In this category you will find several subcategories with information, maps and data about:

  • Integrated Priorities
  • Biological Priorities
  • Socioeconomic Priorities
  • Physical Geography
  • Protected Areas
Region overview

Region overview ( 4 Files )

General information about the priority-setting workshop, the final products of the workshop, the unique features of Guianan biodiversity, and the status of conservation in the region.
Workshop Process & Data

Workshop Process & Data ( 25 Files )

The documents in this section give a more detailed description of the Guayana Shield conservation priority-setting process, including information about planning, data collection, and other pre-workshop activities as well as descriptions of each day's activities during the workshop itself.
Related Resources

Related Resources ( 4 Files )

The Additional Reading list includes sources with general information about biodiversity and conservation in the Guayana Shield and surrounding areas as well as information specific to the Guianas, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.

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