The Guiana Shield Initiative (GSI) is an ambitious eco-regional project, which aims to set up a sustainable financial mechanism to conserve the unique, intact ecosystems of the Guiana Shield. Without financial stability for conservation and without sustainable development activities, the natural resources of one of the few remaining expansive tracts of primary forest will disappear due to destructive activities, such as logging, mining, the advancing agricultural frontier and ill-planned infrastructure. All of which only result in short term financial gains.

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Note on spelling: In all written material about the project, we will refer to the region as the “Guiana Shield Eco-Region”, except when we refer to the Venezuelan part of the region, which is spelled "Guayana". Also note that the term “Guianas” refers to the countries Guyana (formerly British Guiana), Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana) and Guyane (or French Guiana).